RCC Cruise in the Azores

July 16, 2024 July 27, 2024

ICC members are invited

“The [probable] dates are from Tuesday 16 July, gathering at Ponta Delgada (Sao Miguel) to Saturday 27 July, departing from Praia da Vitoria (Terceira). There will of course be intermediate visits to other islands, such as Santa Maria, or Pico or Faial (but Horta is said to be really tight for space for visiting boats). There is a practical problem at all the Azores marinas, namely that it is apparently not possible to make advance reservations for a number of berths for a short stay. We currently expect there will be about 12 RCC boats: if another 2-3 boats from ICC would like to come and join us, that would be great. More than 15 boats might prove difficult to accommodate in some of the Azores’ marinas, and the availability of anchorages of course rather depends on quieter conditions.

“On each island for which there is a Meet stop organised, we’d expect to arrange a meal ashore and an exploration, by minibus or on foot, depending on the local possibilities.

“If ICC members have any queries and/or would like to express interest in joining the Azores Meet in 2024, I’ll be delighted to help as best I can”.
Lorne Byatt (RCC), homebyatt@btinternet.com

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