ICC Rally 2022 – West Coast – 18th June to 1st July

As you know, due to the restrictions caused by the Covid pandemic, the Club has been unable to run a major rally in the past two years.  Therefore I am delighted to let you know that we plan a rally on the west coast of Ireland in June of next year.  Because of the uncertainty relating to organised events we shall have to be prepared to be flexible in our arrangements.  We will also seek to ensure that the formal events can be organised out of doors, weather permitting, in order to increase the likelihood of their being permitted to proceed.

We in the western region are very much looking forward to welcoming you to the West and sharing our marvellous cruising ground with you.  We hope that yachts from the East, North and South coasts will make the trip and join us in celebrating that “the West’s Awake!”  We will suggest places where boats may be left and re-joined later for those wishing to extend their stay in the west.  We understand that boats arriving north-about Ireland may organise a muster in the north-west.

The preliminary arrangements for the rally are as follows

  1. June 18 –  Welcome dinner at Mayo Sailing Club – moorings available, water at jetty, transport for victualling and fuel available.
  2. June 19 – 20 – individual cruising. Anchorages will be suggested.
  3. June 21 – Lunch at Sailor’s Bar and walk on Clare Island – some moorings available and good anchorage.
  4. June 22 – individual cruising.
  5. June 23 – Commodore’s Drinks Party followed by barbecue at Inishboffin – good anchorage.
  6. June 24 – Boats may leave for Galway Bay or continue to explore the Clew Bay area.
  7. June 26 – Boats arrive at Kilkieran, moorings available – welcome supper at Coyne’s Gastropub.
  8. June 27 – 30 – individual cruising in Galway Bay. Anchorages will be suggested.
  9. July 1 – Commodore’s drinks [on jetty/rafted] followed by final cruise dinner in Pier Head Restaurant, Kinvara – water at jetty, supermarket in village, fuelling will be negotiated.  Choice of sheltered anchorage off Parkmore Quay or dry out alongside Kinvara pier.

In order to get some idea of numbers attending I would appreciate if you could complete the attached form and return it to Alex Blackwell, copy to Ray O’Toole as soon as possible – i.e. send to editor@irishcruisingclub.com  c.c.  rayotoole0@gmail.com

Yours sincerely 


MEMBER’S NAME :                                           YACHT NAME :
Event Description Yes/No   Numbers 
18.06.22 Welcome (to Mayo) meal at Mayo SC _____     _____
21.06.22    Lunch at Clare Island _____    _____
23.06.22 Drinks & Barbecue at Inishboffin _____    _____
26.06.22 Welcome (to Galway) supper at Killkieran _____     _____ 
1.07.22 Drinks & final cruise dinner at Kinvara _____    _____
Please return to:
Alex Blackwell – editor@irishcruisingclub.com with a copy to
Ray O’Toole – rayotoole0@gmail.com 
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