Waterford Harbour Cup
Awarded by the South Region committee
1950 R.A. Hall
1951 R.A. Hall
Flica – Islands Race
1956 D.N. Doyle
Severn II – Islands Race
1957 S.F. Thompson
1958 J. Ronan:
Wye – Islands Race
1959 J. Butler:
Happy Morning -Pollock Race
1960 R.I. Morrison
Vanja IV
1961 D.N. Doyle
Severn II
1962 D.N. Doyle
Severn II
1964 A.E. Pope
1965 D.N. Doyle
1966 D.N. Doyle
1967 S.F. Thompson
1968 D.N. Doyle
1969 F. Cudmore
1970 D.N. Doyle
1971 D.N. Doyle
1972 D.N. Doyle
Moonduster – Islands Race
1973 D.N. Doyle
Moonduster – Islands Race
1974 G. Radley
1976 J.C.Butler
Tam O’Shanter
1977 D.N Doyle
1978 D.N. Doyle:
Moonduster – Islands Race
1979 B. Cudmore
Anna Petrea
1980 D.N. Doyle
1981 D.N. Doyle
1982 C. Love Jnr
Rebel County
1983 S. Mansfield
Luv Is
1984 D.N. Doyle
1985 J. Donegan
White Rooster
1987 T.E. Crosbie Senta
C.J. Fitzgerald Mandalay
1988 J. Donegan
White Rooster
1989 B. CudmorAnna
1992 Michael Coleman
Stella Maris
From 1993 awarded by the Southern Area Committee
1993 Kevin Dwyer.
S and W Coast Aerial Photography
1995 Arthur Baker
SW Coast Rally Organiser
1996 Donal Brazil
Services to ICC as Hon. Treasurer
1998 Gary McMahon
Ilen’s return from the Falkland Islands
1999 Vincent O’Farrell
Fastnet Dancer
2000 Clayton Love Jnr.:
Services to sailing
2001 Andrew Curtain & Gerry Sheridan:
Channel Cruise
2002 Donal McClement
Services to Irish sailing
2004 Colin Chapman
2005 Bill Walsh2006 John Petch
Compiles South & West Sailing Directions
2007 Joe & Mary Woodward
2008 Paul Bryans
Outstanding Seamanship
2009 Neil Prendeville
Two transatlantic crossings back-to-back in one season
2010 Donal Lynch
Contribution to Maritime culture and community sailing
2011 Dan Cross
Organising the Brittany rally
2012 Norman Kean
C0 authorship of Cruising Ireland and ICC Sailing Directions
2013 RNLI Kinsale
Rescue of crew of STV Astrid
.2014 Eddie Nicholson
Circumnavigation of North Atlantic
2015 Donal Walsh
2016 Neil Hegarty
TransAtlantic in Shelduck
2017 Donal Walsh and Clare Morrissey  Cruise to Iceland2018 No award2019 Seamus O’Connor
Bantry Bay cruise
2020 No award2021 No award2022 Anne Kenny & Neil Hegarty
2023 Tom Kirby
Services to ICC, Sailing, and Racing