For an outstanding contribution to Irish sailing
1983 P. Campbell: Compiler of ICC Directions1984  J Moore:
Skipper of STY Graine
1985 Jennifer Guinness:
ICC Publications Officer
1986 Harold Cudmore Junior Yachtsman1987 Capt GF ‘Eric’ Healy: Captain of STY Asgard II1988 Capt. Tom McCarthy: Captain of STY Asgard II
1989 Sail Ireland Project: Round the World Race in NCB Ireland1990 Ursula Maguire: Secretary of Irish Yachting Association1991 H. Cudmore, J. English & J. Maguire
The Southern Cross Team Winners
1992 Denis Doyle Yachtsman1993 Arthur SP Orr:
Compiler of ICC Directions
1994 Daphne French: Yachtsperson
1995 Ronan Beirne,
Editor Annual
1996 No Award1997 ‘South Arís’ team. Shackleton escape from Antartica
1998 Malachi & Evelyn O’Gallagher.
Sailing Directions
1999 No Award2000 David Burrows:
Olympic performance
2001 Carmel Winkelmann.
Services to Junior Sailing
2002 Tom McSweeney.
Services to Maritime Ireland
2003 The Jeanie Johnston Project
2004 David Tucker
75th Anniversary Cruise
2005 Paddy Barry
10 years as Honorary Editor of the Annual
2006 No Award
2007 William M. Nixon Outstanding contribution to Irish sailing2008 Norman Kean. Outstanding contribution to Irish Sailing2009 John Killeen Outstanding contribution to Irish Sailing
2010 The Irish Commodore Cup winning team2011 Jerry Smith Rescue of Fastnet yacht crew2012 Annalise Murphy, Con Murphy & Cathy McAleavy
2013 Brian Craig
Organisation of Irish Sailing
2014 Joe English postumously for an ourstanding sailing career2015 Justin Slattery for excellence in offshore racing
2017 Peter Haden  for organising a successful rally in Galicia2018 Gregor McGukin2019   Clayton Love Jnr. for his outstanding contribution to Irish sailing
2021 Hal Sisk. for his outstanding contribution to Irish sailing2022  John Clementson
for 18 years service to the ICC’s adminisration 
2023 Ed Wheeler
for outstanding contributions to Irish sailing