Donegan Memprial Cup
Awarded by the East Region committee

1945 Evora R.H. & D.M. O’Hanlon1946 Mavis J.B. Kearney Kingstown/Cork
1947 No Award1948 Aideen A.W. Mooney Kingstown/Clyde
1949 Evora A.W. Mooney Kingstown/Clyde1950 Sonia D.J. & P.M. Purcell Clyde Race
1951 Minx of Malham B. Maguire Clyde Race1952 Viking O Col Hollwey Clyde Race
1953 Flying Fox F.W. Brownlee Beaumaris-Week1954 Flying Fox F.W. Brownlee Clyde Race
1955 Glance F.C. Hopkirk Puffin Sound Race1957 Severn II D.N. Doyle Irish Sea Race
1958 Vanja IV I. Morrison Dun Laoghaire/Cork1959 Severn II D.N. Doyle Irish Sea Race
1960 Severn II D.N. Doyle Dun Laoghaire-Cork1961 Cu na Mara D. Barnes Irish Sea Race
1962 Vanja IV I. Morrison Irish Sea Race1963 Fenestra S. O’Mara Morecombe Bay
1964 Susanna J.C. McConnell Irish Sea Race1965 Cu na Mara D. Barnes Morecombe Bay
1966 Orana P.D. Pearson Irish Sea Race1967 Moonduster D.N. Doyle Morecombe Bay
1968 Moonduster D.N. Doyle Irish Sea Race1969 Moonduster D.N. Doyle Morecombe Bay
1970 Moonduster D.N. Doyle Cowes/Cork Race1971 Moonduster D.N. Doyle Morecombe Bay
1972 Tritsch-Tratsch O. Glaser Irish Sea Race1973 Moonduster D.N. Doyle Morecombe Bay
1974 Assiduous C. Love (1st ICC Boat)1975 Dictator D.M. Irwin Morecombe Bay
1976 Tam O’Shanter J.C. Butler Irish Sea Race1977 Red Rock III O. Glaser Morecombe Bay
1978 Moonduster D.N. Doyle Irish Sea Race1979 Korsar R.E. Mollard Morecombe Bay
1980 Standfast H.B. Sisk Morecombe Bay1981 Bandersnatch of Howth R. Courtney Morecombe Bay
1982 Joggernaut D.J. Morrissey Irish Sea Race1983 Imp H.B. Sisk Morecombe Bay
1984 Little Egypt R.B. Lovegrove Irish Sea Race1985 Demelza N.D. Maguire Irish Sea Race
1986 Rob Roy N. Reilly Irish Sea Race1987 Demelza N.D. Maguire Irish Sea Race
1988 Red Velvet M. O’Rahilly Irish Sea Race1989 Comanche Raider N. Reilly Irish Sea Race
1990 Woodchester Challenge H.R. Gomes Round Ireland1991 Finndabar of Howth P. Jameson Round Ireland
1993 P. Hogan
Circumnavigation of the Globe
1994 Brendan Bradley
Brittany Rally Organiser
From 1993 Awarded by the Eastern Area Committee
1995 Barbara Fox-Mills
Distributor of Publications
1996 Evelyn O’Gallagher
Sailing Directions
1998 Bruce Lyster
Tall Ships committee chairman
1999 Susan & Peter Gray
Pacific cruising
2000 Arthur Orr
ICC Publications
2001 Mungo Park
Sailing into his 80s
2002 Cormac McHenry
Holland to Dun Laoghaire
2003 Susan & Peter Gray
Capetown to Dun Laoghaire
2004 Bill Rea
Trophy & Annual distribution
2005 Hal Sisk
Restoration of a Classic Yacht ‘Peggy Bawn’
2006 GrĂ¡inne Fitzgerald
Cruise organisation
2007 Michael Holland
Cruise from Arctic to Antarctic
2008 Cormac McHenry.
Spain to the Canaries
2009 Terry Johnson
Contribution to RNLI and Irish Lights over 21 years
2010 Ruth Heard.
Services to sailing & boating.  Dedication to IWA
2011 John P Bourke
Contribution to Irish & International sailing
2012 Sean Flood
Support for youth sail training
2013 Winkie Nixon
50 years of Annual contributions
2014 Kieran Jameson
Many years of outstanding achievements
2015  Alan Rountree
Significant cruising achievements
2016 Ian French
Services to sailing for the disabled
a2017. Paddy Barry
Many years of adventurous sailing
2018 Peter Killen
Many years of adventurous sailing and support to the RNLI and the ICC
2019 Brian Craig
A lifetime of support to the sport of sailing
2020 – 2021 No award2022  John Gore-Grimes
For many tears of high latitude sailing
2023 Tony Linehan