Guidelines for the proposal of new members to ICC membership


The rules for election to membership are set out in Rule 6 (i-xiv) of the Club Rules, which are published in full in the Club Yearbook.

Election is a five stage competitive process with the final decision being taken by the Membership Committee.


An application can be made for one person only. Separate applications must be made for husband and/or wife or partner.

Candidates must satisfy all of the following Club criteria for membership:

  1. Have substantial cruising experience and demonstrable skill in the general management, command and maintenance of a vessel.
  2. A record of genuine and credible enthusiasm for cruising.
  3. A continuing commitment to the life and work of the Club.
  4. Sociability both afloat and ashore. It is one of the objects of The Club to foster the association of yachtsmen with an interest in cruising under sail.


Proposers and seconders must have at least four years standing as members of the ICC, and except in special circumstances must know the candidate.

Flag Officers and Members of Committee are not eligible to make nominations.

A candidate should know or have met at least one member of the Committee.

A candidate’s proposer is responsible for processing the candidate’s application, collating and quality assurance of the required information and ensuring its submission by the date specified by the Club.


Stage 1 – Identification

Having identified a potential member the proposer (and seconder) should assess his/her compliance with the Club’s criteria for membership and only when satisfied with the strength of the candidate proceed to Stage 2.

Stage 2 – Regional involvement

  1. The proposer should discuss the potential member with the Regional Flag Officer (R.F.O)* and, if required should arrange for them to meet.  The R.F.O may at his discretion involve other regional committee members or Flag Officers.
  2. If the candidate is deemed suitable, the R.F.O will issue the appropriate forms to the proposer, by email.

Stage 3 – Documentation

  1. The quality of documentation is critical both in assisting the Club in its decision making and ensuring the best chance of success for the candidate.
  2. It is preferable that the form should be completed electronically. The spaces in the form expand as necessary to accept the required text, but in other respects the wording of the form should not be altered. When fully completed and ready for submission, the form should be printed and signed personally by the candidate, the proposer and the seconder.
  3. Whilst responsibility for the completion of the proposal form and collation of all the required documentation lies with the proposer, the information required should be prepared as follows and passed to the proposer within an agreed timetable.

(i)   By the Candidate –

  • Personal Details
  • Reasons for Joining
  • Possible contribution to the Club
  • Details of Sailing C.V. including:
    (1) Cruises undertaken, location, duration, boat and crew details, role played by the applicant.
    (2)  Qualification and training courses taken.
    (3)  Maintenance skills.
  • A short biographical note of sailing history – 50-75 words only
  • Photographs: A head and shoulders photograph of the Candidate and a photograph of the Candidate’s boat (if applicable) should be supplied. If the Candidate is elected, these will be required for publication in the Newsletter and on the Club website. Electronic versions may be requested.

(ii)   By the Seconder –

Information necessary to complete the Seconder’s portion of the form.

(iii)   Additional support – At the discretion of the proposer up to three additional letters of support from members of the Club may be included in support of the application.  Such letter should be brief and focus primarily on the candidate’s suitability for membership.

  1. If the form is completed electronically, the only additional documents should be:
  2. i) The sailing biography
  3. ii) A maximum of three letters of support

iii) Photographs.

Stage 4. Document submission

The completed application must be reviewed by the R.F.O by 31st October and having been reviewed, arrive with the Honorary Admissions Officer by the 30th November.

Stage 5. – Decision

The Election Committee Meeting is held between the 1st January and the 1st March next. The proposer of an unsuccessful candidate will be notified and the proposer should then, as a matter of courtesy, inform the candidate. Successful candidates will be contacted by the Hon Secretary.


It is the expectation of the Club that the proposer’s responsibility for a successful candidate will extend beyond the point of election.  Accordingly, it falls to the proposer to welcome the new member into the Club, introduce them to as many members as possible, supporting them and honouring the traditions and standard of the Club, and encouraging attendance at Club functions both afloat and ashore.

    * RFOs (Regional Flag Officers)  2023/2024

1.  South       Séamus O’Connor        Rear Commodore
2.  East          Alan Markey    Vice Commodore
3.  North       Julie Chambers      Rear Commodore
4.  West         David Beattie    Commodore