Club flags and burgees

(see note below on flying the defaced ensign.)

These can be obtained from:

1. Ensign Flag and Regalia Co.
42 Dunes Way,
Wellington Employment Park South,
Liverpool, L5 9RJ, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 151 298 1007

2.  Ken Cairns,
Prospect Design Ltd.,
2-3 Montague Lane,
Dublin 2.
Tel: +353 1 475 3452


(Note that the committee has instructed the companies to supply ICC burgees without ropes and toggles to enable them to more easily be fitted to burgee staffs for use at the masthead)

We have appointed Flixx Graphics to provide a complete range of items such as polo and sweat shirts, sweaters, fleeces, gilets, caps etc. from reputable manufacturers.  Only a few examples are on the ICC Shop page but all items in the catalogue can be purchased. If you dont see what you are looking for, contact Colin McKee.  The clothing element of their website is at: .  Look for ‘ICC Shop’ in the main menu.   Our ICC cypher or burgee is included in the price quoted on all items but there is an extra charge to add your boat name

Place orders directly with:
Colin McKee, Flixx Graphics,  Irish Street, Downpatrick, BT30 6BP
Tel: 028 4461 5613

The Club holds stocks of ties (polyester, silk and bow), reefer buttons, cuff links, garment and cap badges, ladies brooches and headscarves.  An order form and price list is  below.  Contact details for the Hon. Sales Officer, Viv White, are on 


A tie for our centenary in 2029

Here are the ties that were produced by the club to celebrate our 50th anniversary in 1979 and our 75th anniversary in 2004

We will need a good design for the centenary tie (though perhaps by then we wont be wearing ties at all!).  Whatever it may be, we will want to have something to celebrate the occasion.  Any ideas?  Pass them to Viv White at the address opposite.

And do you have any thoughts about producing a nice colourful club ‘summer’ tie?  What colours would you choose for your broad diagonal stripes?

Flag warrants
The Hon. Secretary applies for permission on behalf of members to fly the defaced ICC ensign.   If you would like to be included, please send the following details by 1 March of each year.  You should also include the following details on your database on the club website

Name of vessel;  Official Number and Port of Registry (if any);  Rig;  Tonnage;  Name(s) of Owner(s) and Address(es) of Owner(s)