On Thursday 24th January 2020 at 1900
The ICC Sailing Directions – from research to reader
a Zoom talk by Norman Kean

“Norman Kean, Editor of the Sailing Directions since 2005, recounts his experiences and describes what it takes to research the books, put them into print and sell them. The task, he says, adds a whole purpose to his and Geraldine’s cruising in Ireland, and has given them some fascinating adventures and a network of amazing professional and leisure sailors and others all round Ireland. There are tremendous opportunities for more ICC members to get actively involved, and Norman talks about the skills and enthusiasms involved and the great satisfaction to be obtained.

On Thurday 10th February 2020 at 1900
Chasing the Dragon: cruising south Atlantic’s volcanic islands
a Zoom  talk by Bob Brown

Bob tells us: I had the wonderful chance to give lectures and show folks the wildlife of Antarctica, its surrounding islands, and northwards into the south Atlantic.  Over seven years,  I had many cruises on three small expedition ships, and most of the islands we visited had some sort of volcanic origin.  What I found was a treasure trove of extraordinary locations, bizarre and beautiful wildlife, strange stories, in seas that ranged from flat calm to tempestuous.  To be able to observe seascapes, landscapes, and nature from polar to equatorial latitudes was a rare treat, and this is the story…

A bit about Bob_   He has been sailing since the age of about 12 when he was shouted at by a so called family friend for some inadvertent gybing in the calm seas off Bognor Regis.  Since then, due to his love of pottering around rock pools and mud flats he qualified as a marine biologist at Queen’s University, leading to work in Sweden and Jamaica before returning to Northern Ireland and Strangford Lough.  In all those places he acquired and sailed boats of widely varying sizes and designs, and later, sailing extensively with Brian Black in Iceland, Greenland, Norway and Svalbard waters, frequently helping to escape from situations ‘we should never have got into’.  Bob with his wife Linda became a member of the Irish Cruising Club in 2004 and has contributed wildlife articles regularly to the newsletter as well as the odd log.  They currently own ‘Serenade’, a Moody 346 based in Strangford.

On Thursday 24th February at 1900
The World’s oldest Cruiser/Racer class
a talk by Hal Sisk