Extraordinary General Meeting
held at the 
          Royal St.George Yacht Club  on Feburary 17th 2023
(immediately following the Club’s AGM)

The members who attended the AGM all remained for the duration of the EGM, and those members who apologised for not attending the AGM, had also sent their apologies for being unable to attend this EGM.

The Honorary Secretary having confirmed that there was a quorum present as required by Rule 15 of the Club’s Rules, read the Notice convening the Meeting which had been circulated to members on January 23rd 2023:

The Committee of the Irish Cruising Club have required me, by resolution of the committee, at a meeting on January 6th 2023, to convene an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club for the purpose of considering amending the Club’s Rules as follows :

  1. Change the Rule Heading of Rule 19 to “Publications and Events”.
  2. Re-designate the present Rule 19 as 19(1).
  3. Insert the following : “Rule 19(2) The Committee may appoint such independent company as it may choose to organize such events as it may from time to time decide.”

The Club has been unable to obtain insurance to cover Club events outside Irish and United Kingdom waters.

The purpose of the proposed amendment is to enable the Committee, in appropriate circumstances, to engage a suitable company to organize events on behalf of the Club, and thereby shield the Club from any liability arising from the running of the event by the company.”

The Commodore elaborated on the proposal, and the explanation quoted above, and proposed that the amendment be adopted by the meeting, the proposal was seconded by Seamus O’Connor, and passed without discussion or dissent.

The Commodore declared the proposal carried and directed the Hon.Secretary to ensure that the Club Rules be amended accordingly in line with the text proposed in the notice convening the meeting.

There being no other business the meeting concluded.