Recordings of all our 2019/2020 evening talks

‘Favourite Scottish Anchorages’

A recording of Frank Snyth’s talk to us on 7th April which brouight back so many memories for many of the 96 members that listened to it, is here:


‘Weather forecasting at sea’
Here is a recording of the educational and very interesting talk given by Chris Tibbs ( and Alex Blackwell on 31st March.


Some Portaferry Vessels’
Here is a recording of the interesting talk given by James Elliott, Chairman of the Portaferry and Strangford Trust (PAST), to us on 24th March 2021.
For your further interest the website of PAST is at where is there is a lot of interesting researched information about the area.


‘Whales and Dolphins’
Here is a recording of Dr Simon Berrow’s really interesting and informative talk ‘Whales and Dolphins and how to record them while Sailing’ given to us on 10th March.
– and see the ‘Irish Whale and Dolphin Group’ website at:


This is a recording of James Cahill’s interesting talk about ‘Curraghs’ that was presented on 3rd March.


To the Antarctic on a Tall Ship
Here is a recording of the lovely talk given to us by Margie Crawford on 3rd February.  (This is on YouTube,)


Skippering a Nuclear Attack Submarine and a yacht.
Here is a webinar arranged by the Cruising Club pf America and NAS which we were kindly invited to join.  It was a talk given by Capt Mark Lenci (US Navy Retd) in which he discussed the lessons that he learnt whilst commanding several Nuclear Attack Submarines compared with skippering a yacht.  
It can be joined at: link to the conversation is: