Cork Rally 2020

 We are going to Cork to help the RCYC celebrate their tercentenary





The RCYC celebrations follow shortly after the Howth YC celebrates its own anniversary.  The plan therefore is for the ICC to go to Cork but those who wish to might go first to Howth.

The Events that we shall either join in or organise are likey to be:

  1. July 2 –  Welcome BBQ at Howth Yacht Club.
  2. July 3 – Celebration Dinner in Howth Yacht Club.
  3. July 4 – ICC members leave for RCYC.
  4. July 6 – Boats arrive in Crosshaven – weather dependent – informal gathering at the Club that evening.
  5. July 7 – Boats cruise to Cork City – 12 miles – dependent on pontoons being available at the City Quays – RCYC in discussion with Port of Cork Company on this issue at present.
  6. July 8 – ICC Members visit historic Spike Island, followed by a lunchtime get-together.
  7. July 8 – To mark the occasion of the RCYC Tercentenary the Irish Cruising Club will host a Gala Dinner at a venue in Cork City to which all RCYC members will be invited together with members from our associated cruising clubs including CCA, CCC. RCC and OCC.
  8. July 9 – Visit the Irish Distillers Plant in Middleton followed by lunch
  9. Jul 9 & 10 – Members return to RCYC or cruise to other locations in Cork harbour at leisure.
  10. July 11 – ICC members participate in Tercentenary Anniversary Dinner at RCYC.
  11. July 12 – RCYC ‘Great Gathering’ Event in Cork Harbour – open participation by all vessels encouraged – international naval vessels to attend.  The President of Ireland to review a ‘Sail Past’.
  12. July 13 – Cork Week Regatta commences – ICC boats leave Crosshaven – the possibility of a continuing cruise up the west coast is still under discussion, with perhaps a stop in a West Region venue.


Latest list of those ICC members who have made Expressions of interest Summary as at 10 Aug in attending the rally.  This list is NOT closed.  Contact Derek White if you wish to be added to the list.


The origins of the RCYC.
This is an extract from as book, owned by Derek White, called ‘Memorials of the Royal Yacht Squadron’ which was published on 1902. The early years of the Royal Cork Yacht Club  You may find the content of some interest given the nature of the forthcoming event.


Here is a copy of the charts of

Cork Harbour


and  Crosshaven







taken from the latest ICC South and West Sailing Directions which though you wouldn’t want use them for navigation may remind those of you not familiar with the area of the local geography