Introducing New Members 2021/2022

Guidelines for the proposal of new members



The rules for election to membership are set out in Rule 6 (i-xiv) of the Club Rules, which are published in full in the Club Yearbook.

Election is a five stage competitive process with the final decision being taken by the Membership Committee.


An application can be made for one person only. Separate applications must be made for husband and/or wife or partner.

Candidates must satisfy all of the following Club criteria for membership:

  1. Have substantial cruising experience and demonstrable skill in the general management, command and maintenance of a vessel.
  2. A record of genuine and credible enthusiasm for cruising.
  3. A continuing commitment to the life and work of the Club.
  4. Sociability both afloat and ashore. It is one of the objects of The Club to foster the association of yachtsmen with an interest in cruising under sail.


Proposers and seconders must have at least four years standing as members of the ICC, and except in special circumstances must know the candidate.

Flag Officers and Members of Committee are not eligible to make nominations.

A candidate should know or have met at least one member of the Committee.

A candidate’s proposer is responsible for processing the candidate’s application, collating and quality assurance of the required information and ensuring its submission by the date specified by the Club.


Stage 1 – Identification

Having identified a potential member the proposer (and seconder) should assess his/her compliance with the Club’s criteria for membership and only when satisfied with the strength of the candidate proceed to Stage 2.

Stage 2 – Regional involvement

  1. The proposer should discuss the potential member with the Regional Flag Officer (R.F.O)* and, if required should arrange for them to meet.  The R.F.O may at his discretion involve other regional committee members or Flag Officers.
  2. If the candidate is deemed suitable, the R.F.O will issue the appropriate forms to the proposer, by email.

Stage 3 – Documentation

  1. The quality of documentation is critical both in assisting the Club in its decision making and ensuring the best chance of success for the candidate.
  2. It is preferable that the form should be completed electronically. The spaces in the form expand as necessary to accept the required text, but in other respects the wording of the form should not be altered. When fully completed and ready for submission, the form should be printed and signed personally by the candidate, the proposer and the seconder.
  3. Whilst responsibility for the completion of the proposal form and collation of all the required documentation lies with the proposer, the information required should be prepared as follows and passed to the proposer within an agreed timetable.

(i)   By the Candidate

  • Personal Details
  • Reasons for Joining
  • Possible contribution to the Club
  • Details of Sailing C.V. including:
    (1) Cruises undertaken, location, duration, boat and crew details, role played by the applicant.
    (2)  Qualification and training courses taken.
    (3)  Maintenance skills.
  • A short biographical note of sailing history
  • Photographs: A head and shoulders photograph of the Candidate in a sailing setting and a photograph of the Candidate’s boat (if applicable) should be supplied. If the Candidate is elected, these will be required for publication in the Newsletter and on the Club website. Electronic versions may be requested.

(ii)   By the Seconder

Information necessary to complete the Seconder’s portion of the form.

(iii)   Additional support – At the discretion of the proposer up to three additional letters of support from members of the Club may be included in support of the application.  Such letter should be brief and focus primarily on the candidate’s suitability for membership.

  1. If the form is completed electronically, the only additional documents should be:
  2. i) The sailing biography
  3. ii) A maximum of three letters of support

iii) Photographs.

Stage 4. Document submission

The completed application must be reviewed by the R.F.O by 31st October and having been reviewed, arrive with the Honorary Admissions Officer by the 30th November.

Stage 5. – Decision

The Election Committee Meeting is held between the 1st January and the 1st March next. The proposer of an unsuccessful candidate will be notified and the proposer should then, as a matter of courtesy, inform the candidate. Successful candidates will be contacted by the Hon Secretary.


It is the expectation of the Club that the proposer’s responsibility for a successful candidate will extend beyond the point of election.  Accordingly, it falls to the proposer to welcome the new member into the Club, introduce them to as many members as possible, supporting them and honouring the traditions and standard of the Club and encouraging attendance at Club functions both afloat and ashore.

    * RFOs (Regional Flag Officers)  2021/2022

1.  South       Ann Lyons        Rear Commodore
2.  East          Alan Markey    Rear Commodore

3.  North        Derek White     Vice Commodore
4.  West         David Beattie   Commodore   


East Region

2017 Autumn East Region Rally at Arklow. This will take place from 9-10 September.  Sean Fergus is keen to hear from you if you are thinking of attending.  Please let him know before the end of August. EAST COAST NOTES  (from the Autumn Newsletter) by Tom Fitzpatrick We ran two Read more…

South Region

by Sé amus O’Connor

Mini Cruise in Bantry Bay
The yachts and crew assembled at Lawrence Cove Marina on Sunday 28th July. In all we had 13 yachts in attendance with about 40 people taking part. Monday was ‘heritage’ day, with both a walking and bus-based tour available, guided by Barry Hanley of the Bere Heritage Centre.
Due to its strategic location, Bere Island has a very interesting heritage. The island is rich in archaeological sites dating from the Bronze Age through to Medieval times. This includes ring forts, standing stones, wedge tombs and burial sites. The British had a particular interest in the island. There are remnants of British
Imperialism visible throughout. At various stages they constructed Martello towers, a signal tower, military barracks and a military fortifi cation which hosts two six- inch guns, all of which can be seen today. We explored the east end of the island and in particular the Lonehort fortifi cation. Phase I of this has now been restored and is open to visitors.
Dinner that night was at The Lookout on the west end of the island. We enjoyed a very sociable night with transport provided to and from the restaurant. Tuesday the fl eet set sail for Glengarriff and an afternoon raft up. There we toasted the ICC which had its 90th Anniversary on the 13th July.
John Daly and Barry MacNeaney

Up close and personal to Guns Wednesday was the ‘Chase Around Whiddy’. Barry MacNeaney offi ciated. The committee boat was Pure Magic II with Peter and Beverly Killen aboard, assisted by Pat Gallagher. Seven yachts took part. The course was about 9nm in length. It circumnavigated Whiddy Island in a clockwise direction using navigational buoys as marks. There were two classes, ‘big boats’ and ‘not so big’. The big boat winner was Ann Again and the small boat winner was Tapdancer. We had a challenging lack of wind at the start but once through the Beeches, we were off on a jolly chase. It was a most enjoyable event. That afternoon we had a short historical walk on Whiddy Island conducted by Tim O’Leary.
Toasting the Irish Cruising Club’s 90th Anniversary in Glengarriff on board Beezsneez
Walkers setting off
ICC News, Autumn 2019 Page 21
Before dinner we had the ‘prize giving’ ceremony. This was followed by a wonderful BBQ and seafood platter at the Bank House Restaurant. Conditions were very calm that evening, so many of the boats stayed rafted at the pontoon on Whiddy for the night. Thursday, we sailed to Adrigole harbour and rafted up there. Chatting, swimming and lunch were the order of events.
Other News
Sean, Irene and Jack Norris had planned a summer cruise with Raffl es to the Isles of Scilly but ended up joining the mini cruise! Tom Kirby joined the crew at Whiddy Island.
Neil Penderville and crew aboard Mary P did an extensive cruise in the southwest. They described the new marina in Cape Clear as ‘excellent’ and have suggested that a depth gauge by the surge gate would be benefi cial. Neil estimates that the depth at LW is just 1.7m. They also commended Dingle Marina as ‘very well run’, with good facilities, good value and with easy access to good food and good music! They also visited Bantry marina and enjoyed its facilities and wondered when the shower block might be constructed? They thought Lawrence Cove Marina was ‘expensive’, but they enjoyed dinner at the ‘Bake House’, which is located adjacent to the Post Offi ce in Rerrin.
Lunch in the Carrigaline Court Hotel will resume on Wednesday 5th November at 12.30 pm and will continue on the fi rst Wednesday of the month through to May.
While many ICC colleagues have discovered the pleasures of Northwestern Spain, some of us, by choice, or for family and work commitments, continue to enjoy our sailing in Irish waters. One of the most beautiful cruising areas in Ireland is West Cork and South Kerry, with the extensive Bantry Bay being excellently positioned for exploring both counties. In fact, I believe Bantry Bay is most likely Ireland’s premier ria.
Bantry is a classic Irish town – complete with its big house and an abundance of shopping, good cafes, pubs and restaurants to suit all tastes. There is also a
Bantry Bay by John McAleer
lot going on by way of cultural, music and other events. The new Bantry Town Marina is located close to the center and provides a great base for local explorations.
Nearby is Whiddy Island. Whiddy was the location of a very successful barbecue during the recent ICC mini- cruise in Bantry Bay. The Whiddy pontoon was recently extended and provides good berths in all except strong south easterlies. At the head of the gangway, sailors will fi nd the warmest of welcomes, food and drinks being served all day in the Bank House by the genial Kathleen and Tim O’Leary.
Close to Whiddy, moorings and a safe anchorage can be found in Glengarriff and of course nearby is the historic Eccles Hotel, scene of the fi rst ICC meeting in 1929 and also the sub-tropical Garnish Island or Ilnacullin.
Moving west out Bantry Bay, on a good day, one is surrounded by absolute majesty in terms of the scale and beauty of the scenery. Hungary Hill on the North shore provides a constant backdrop and things are
Tapdancer on the way to Bere Island
Page 22 ICC News, Autumn 2019
the British Army in 1938. Fortunately, from a Brexit perspective “a Bere – backstop” was narrowly avoided. Lonehort takes its name from a nearby natural harbour, where archaeologists have identifi ed a breakwater constructed by Vikings and used to protect a shipyard for repairing their longboats.
Lawrence Cove Marina, located just minute’s walk from the village, provides excellent facilities. The marina is operated by Rachel and Patrick Harrington, who maintain all facilities to the highest standard. Haul- out and storage facilities are also provided. Half-way between the east and west ends of the Island is the aptly named “The Hotel”. Food there is excellent and the views cannot be beaten.
At the island’s west end is the Look Out Restaurant, specialising in fi sh and shellfi sh. A phone call from the marina, brings a mini bus quickly to whisk sailors to the Look Out, which will always be later obliged with a drop off “Home outside Dessies”.
Extensive reclamation and reconstruction works are currently underway at Castletownbere. Unfortunately, it does not appear that any new berthing facility is being provided for visiting yachts. Public moorings are available, but these are some distance out. Castletownbere’s townscape has improved enormously in recent years. While not appearing overly commercialised, the town offers everything one would want in a very traditional West Cork fi shing town.
Bantry Town Marina
looking up, (in more ways than one), while you can see its summit. Sheep’s Head is to the south and at times the long white cloud, as often visible on New Zealand;s South Island, can also be seen here. Another favoured stop is Adrigole, a typical Beara Penninsula village, offering excellent shelter, public moorings, a couple of local watering holes and some interesting artists’ studios. The village has good food and is plentiful in things to see and do. There is an excellent Water Sports Centre and canoeing with the local seals is a recommended way to spend an afternoon. As the area also boasts some of the world’s best megalithic sites, it is well worth taking a local walk to explore these antiquities.
Leaving Adrigole, ahead as one approaches Bere Island, is the Roancarrigmore lighthouse. Recently on the market, this comes complete with its own private Island and is perhaps the ultimate location for those seeking solitude.
From here it’s a short sail into Laurence Cove Marina, located close to the main village of Rerrin on Bere Island. Rerrin is served by Murphy”s Ferry from the Pontoon on the mainland. The village boasts Dessies Pub, a nice Coffee Shop and a Post Offi ce. The local B+ B offers good accommodation and a breakfast worth staying for.
Nearby is Lonehort Battery, which was vacated by Lawrence Cove Marina
Whiddy island’s Bank House pub and restaurant a convenient walk from the berth
ICC News, Autumn 2019 Page 23

North Region

To all Northern Members

At this time of the year we normally look forward to our Christmas meeting and lunch where we catch up with our friends but with the second lock down in process and the possibility of an extension the club have had no option but to cancel all our regional autumn and Christmas events.
I would thank Stanton for arranging our Christmas meeting booking with RUYC and the subsequent cancellation.

As would be traditional at our Christmas meeting we remember the passing of all ICC members and in particular the friends that we have lost from our region. Our thoughts are with their families at this time.
– Bridget Kennedy
– Maurice Flowers
– Ronnie Barr
– Alan Bell
– David Maxwell
– Brian Black

The club continues to function quite efficiently and club business is dealt with as it arises. Communication to members continues to be by e-mail, our website and, for some, Facebook
Maeve Bell continues to glean whatever information that she can for the Newsletter.

Committee Meetings : The flag officers continue to hold regular Zoom meetings and go back to our regional committee members for consensus on ongoing club business.
This year was the turn of our region to host the October out of town committee meeting but regrettably with restrictions it ended up as a Zoom affair. Not as satisfactory or social as a face to face meeting but it was fairly productive.

Membership ; As you are already aware the new 2020 member intake has not yet been introduced to other members and the committee decided to suspend new member applications until next year.

Those of you who have arranged payment of next year’s subs by direct debit do not need to take any action. If you have any queries in this respect or would like to claim Senior Member status please contact Peter Mullan.

Annuals and Awards : The annual will be published and distributed as usual .
The number of logs submitted has been surprisingly good and John Clementson, who has once again agreed to be adjudicator, expects to be able to make quite a few awards.

Once again our thanks to Stanton for arranging the distribution.

Arrangements for AGM ; If possible a normal AGM will be held though this is regarded as a remote possibility. In the event that it is not possible a virtual meeting to facilitate the furnishing of reports, the participation of members, the presentation of awards, the passing of resolutions and the elections will be arranged.

Committee Members ; It was agreed by all regions that as 2020 has been a total non-event the existing committee members and flag officers should stay in place subject to the approval at the AGM.
All of the northern members are agreeable to serve an additional year.
– Peter Mullan
– Maeve Bell
– Des Brown
– Julie Chambers
– Derek White

Annual Dinner Weekend 2021 ; There was clear consensus at the committee meeting that due to restrictions on numbers and gatherings the 2021 Annual dinner weekend in Sligo was not viable and should be cancelled, and if possible rescheduled for 2023 at the same venue.
The 2022 Annual Dinner w/end booking at the Roe Valley resort to be arranged by the Northern Region will hopefully be achievable.

Programme for 2021 ; We can only continue to do our best to plan events locally and where circumstances permit. The regional committee members will make all efforts in this respect. We will monitor the ongoing restrictions and if possible try to arrange the following .
• Fitting out lunch at RNIYC – April
• Portaferry Sailing Club Rally – May
• Circumnavigation of Ireland – July
• August rally somewhere
Circumnavigation of Ireland ; The major club cruise for 2021 continues to be planned with as much social activity as will be permitted within any health regulations/restrictions which are in place at the time. The detail is on the website and will continue to be updated.
We will ask for expressions of interest in the New Year.

Website ; Please continue to access the website for information on future events and submit any content or articles that may be of interest to other members. In future this will be the main source for all club information, event organization and payment.
The Mail Chimp e-mail platform will continue to be used to circulate all information to members.

John Clementson has arranged a series of Webinars over the coming months which we hope will be of interest to all. John may have a couple of slots for speakers. So if any of you feel like giving a talk please contact him.
Details of the talks will be coming out very soon.

Should you have any suggestions or issues that you would like put to our main committee please contact any of the Northern Region committee members and we will make sure that it is raised.

Wishing everyone a safe passage into 2021

Stay Safe