The following list (started with information from John Banim in March 2013) shows those members of the Irish Cruising Club and the titles of the books that they have written or edited.  If you know of any who should be added to this list, please tell the web editor:

Alex and Daria Blackwell

Happy Hooking – the Art of Anchoring (White Seahorse, 2011)
‘Oyster Delight by Jonathan Mite’
‘Saying Yes to Change: 10 Timeless Lessons for Creating Positive Change’ (Mar 2012)
‘The Butterfly Effect – it started on 9/11′ – Aug 2013
The Brotherhood – Acquisition of Power’ – Dec 2014
‘Cruising the Wild Atlantic Way’ by Daria and Alex Blackwell (May 2015)
Wallace Clark, MBE
Rathlin – Its Island Story (1971 as Rathlin – Disputed Island)
Sailing Round Ireland (B.T. Batsford, London 1976)
Linen on the Green. An Irish Mill Village, 1730 – 1982 (The Universities Press, Belfast, 1982)
Donegal Islands: Paintings and Stories from Sailing the Islands (Cottage Publications 2003), with illustrations by Ros Harvey
Islands of Connaught: Paintings and Stories from Sailing the Islands (2004) with illustrations by Ros Harvey
The Call of the Running Tide (Rathlin Island Books 2012)
Hugo du Plessis
Fibreglass Boats (5th Edition)
Tom Foote:
The Undertow (1997)
Walk with the Devil (2013)
Roger Foxall:
Sailing to Leningrad
Diana Gleadhill, FRGS:
Kamchatka: A journey and Guide to Russia’s Land of Ice and Fire (2007)
Our Fiery Hearts: Experiences in Central Asia (2011)
Pete Hogan
Revolver Issues 1-2 (July-August 1990 (Paperback)
The Bangles (1991)
The Log of the Molly B (Pete Hogan Books, Oct 2012)
The Artist on the Island – An Achill Journal (2013)
Norman Kean
ICC Cruising Directions for the coasts of Ireland (two volumes) (ICC Publications Ltd – dates various)
Cruising Ireland (co-author with Mike Balmforth) – ICC Publications – 2012)
Hilary Keatinge
IJesselmeer Harbours (Barnacle Marine 1988)
The Flavour of Holland (1995)
Irish Cruising Club 1979-2004 (Compiled and Edited) (ICC Publications Ltd – 2008)
George O’Brien Kennedy:
Not all at Sea
Bill King:
1958: The Stick and the Stars. (Hutchinson)
1969: Capsize. (Nautical Publishing)
1975: Adventure in Depth.(Putnam Publishing).
1983: Dive and Attack. Revises and updates The Stick and the Stars, describes author’s experiences during World War II. (W. Kimber/ Hutchinson)
1989: The Wheeling Stars : A Guide for Lone Sailors. (Boston, London: Faber & Faber.)
1997: Kamikaze: the Wind of God (Minerva Press)
WM Nixon
The Sailing Cruiser (1977)
To Sail the Crested Sea (1979)
Howth, a Centenary of Sailing (1995)
EM Wheeler
A Pictorial History of the Royal Ulster YC 1866-2016. (2016)