A full set of the Club’s Annuals is held in bound editions in the library of the RIYC in Dun Laoghaire where they are available for members to read on the premises. 

However they have also all been scanned and are reproduced here as originally printed.  You will need to have Adobe Reader downloaded onto your computer to access them. 

You access the Annuals one year at a time by clicking on the appropriate year below.  To access the Adobe Reader control icons take your cursor towards the bottom of a page and a bar should appear.  Some of the controls you may need are there but to access the ‘Bookmark’ (Index) and ‘Word Search’ icons click the Adobe symbol on the right of the bar.  (It has not been possible to offer a Search facility that covers ALL the Annuals in one sweep – you will have to check each year individually.)

The Bookmark symbol is the ribbon and the Word Search is the binos.  The use of these will become apparent.  Regretably most of the Annuals after 1978 have yet to be bookmarked by the company that did the job.

None of these facilities seem to be available if you are using an iPad.  However the  the page size can be adjusted and the pages scrolled in the usual way.

If during your perusal of the logs you come across anything that you feel might be of particular interest to fellow members today, do please tell the web editor.

The Annuals and their contents are offered here for historical research purposes.  All rights to the logs contained in the Annuals are preserved by their authors.  No part of them may be reproduced, transmitted or used in any form by any means – graphic, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping or information storage and retrieval systems or otherwise – without the prior approval of the author or his family.

The files (which are in pdf format) are very large and you can expect them to take a minute or so to load onto your computer.  Dont even try to download them if you are not connected to the Internet by broadband .   If you may want to look at the Annual again subsequently it is suggested that you copy and paste it to your computer.
Due to the server’s restriction oi the size of any file that can be uploaded some Annuals have had to be split – these are shown as a,b, etc.  The Annual is all there – it is simple not all in one file.  

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