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'There is nothing so distressing as running ashore - unless there is also a doubt as to which continent the shore belongs'. - Lecky's Wrinkles

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The club publishes two pilot books that cover the coasts of Ireland, and another, 'Cruising Ireland', that fills in the interesting details about the coastal regions.  All are essential aids to safe and enjoyable voyaging around Ireland.

Details of these outstanding publications can be found at

SW Ireland ed 13 cover

EN 12th ed front cover 400 Cruising Ireland cover

Contact the Hon Secretary here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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If you are a member of the ICC and have forgotten how to access the Members' Pages, please contact the Web Editor: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Membership of the Irish Cruising Club is open to interested persons of 18 years of age or more.  

The qualities sought are based on a number of factors such as -

1.  Cruising experience and competence

The level of cruising experience required will reflect the candidate’s age, situation and time available.  He/she must be able to demonstrate seamanship, sailing skills and competence. 

It is a requirement that a prospective member should be able to stand watch on a long passage and deal with all the things that happen – sail changes, pilotage, shipping, lights, general management of the vessel, etc. 

He/she should be someone that an ICC member would take on a cruise without hesitation and the member should be able to sleep when he/she is in charge. 

Recognition of a certain level of experience and competence is one of the great attractions of membership and is essential to sustaining our reputation as a leading Cruising Club.

2.  Interest in and commitment to cruising   

A genuine and credible enthusiasm for, and continuing interest in cruising is more important than a long history.  

3.  Commitment to the Irish Cruising Club   

The candidate must make a commitment to contribute to the life of the Club and support its activitiesthrough attending events both afloat and ashore, contributing to publications and flying the ICC burgee.

4.  Be Good Company  

Candidates for membership should be good company both afloat and ashore and enjoy club life.  It is important that the ICC remains a friendly and sociable club in the real sense of the word and that it does not allow itself to become a loose association of people who happen to share an interest in cruising.

The deadline for the first stage of the nomination process is 14 September of each year.  Applicants should know members who would be prepared to propose and second their nomination.  Applicants are encouraged to contact potential sponsors well before this date to allow adequate time to prepare the application for final submission by 30 November. 

Membership applications are considered each January and candidates are informed as soon as possible after the Election Committee meeting.  The number of members is limited to 550.

Further enquiries should be directed to the Hon Sec:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Coloured_ICC_cipherCruising under sail along the coasts of Ireland has a long and colourful history, but it was not until 1929 that the Irish Cruising Club was brought into being to act as a co-ordinating body for seagoing amateur sailors in all parts of a country which had only recently been partitioned.

Faulkner CupAt the end of every year many members submit logs of their voyages for publication in the Club's Annual.  The voyages cover widely different areas in home and foreign waters - some are short cruises around the coasts of Ireland, whilst others are long-planned adventures to distant places rarely visited by most people.  All the cruises are treated with equal respect.

Each year the logs are judged to compete for the many prizes that have been presented over the years.  The Club's premier prize for club members is the Faulkner Cup which was presented in 1931

The Faulkner Perpetual Challenge Cup shall be awarded each year for the log of the best cruise on a sailing yacht owned by a member of the Club, undertaken during the Season by any member, provided that he shall be in command of the yacht.  The judge will take into consideration  the distance covered,  the crew, the  time occupied, the  size of vessel, the amount of  use of auxiliary power, seamanship displayed and the  difficulties encountered and overcome.  A description of the yacht and photograph should included with each entry.

Assembled below are the winning logs from the last couple of years and we hope that you will enjoy reading them and appreciate the span of the members' activities with their yachts.  They may conveniently be printed off. 


The worthy winner of the Faulkner Cup this year was Alan Rountree for his solo voyage to the Azores and back in his Legend 34 Tallulah.  The very difficult return voyage is described in modest terms but tell of great and courageous seamanship.

His log was produced in the ICC's Annual for 2015 and is reproduced here.
Tallulah goes south to the Azores



Neil Hegarty with flag 800The Faulkner Cup this year was awarded to Neil Hegarty who, together with Anne Kenny, crossed the Atlantic with the ARC and then continued northwards along the East coast of the USA.

His log appeared in the ICC's 2014 Annual and is reproduced here.
Shelduck’s Cruise to America: Cascais to Chesapeake 2013-2014


Davis Sam

 The Faulkner Cup was awarded to Sam Davis for his log of an outstanding solo voyage from Tonga around Cape Horn to Ireland to complete his world circumnavigation.

The log appeared in the 2013 Annual and is reproduced here.
Suvretta - Tonga to Strangford Lough by way of Cape Horn





Quinlan Fergus

The Faulkner Cup was yet again awarded to Fergus Quinlan for his log for the concluding year of his and Kay's three year circunnavigation.  This part of the voyage was from Darwin back to Kinvara.

The log appeared in the ICC's 2012 Annual and is reproduced here'The Origin Cruise' (conclusion): Darwin to Kinvara 2011-2012


Most members of the Club live in Ireland and Northern Ireland, although there are many living in other parts of the world.  They are joined together by their mutual love of the sea and sail boat cruising.  The Club has no premises but regular functions are arranged so that members can meet, and of course many rallies are held on the waters both around Ireland and abroad.

Most of of this website’s contents are solely for the use of the members of the club.  However from these public pages you can discover more about the club, learn about the club’s two highly regarded Sailing Directions for the coasts of Ireland, its new book 'Cruising Ireland', and read some of the logs of the voyages of some of the members.  There is also a brief  section on how to join the club.